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Do you struggle to know what present to buy your partner?


We've all been there, it's Christmas, or her birthday, WAIT — the worst one is Valentines day, and you just can't work out what to get her?

You want to be 'original', you don't want to keep buying her the same old gift of "flowers and chocolates" — right? At the same time, you also don't want to just buy crap, you want her face to light up and be 'wowed' that you have taken the time to research and find her something special — click here to scroll mid way down the page to see what I bought, or keep reading.

So why is it that we struggle so much? 

We struggle because we care; we struggle because women ultimately dont want to tell you what they actually want... they want you to 'GUESS' — right? We usually ask them what they want, to try and get a hint that we are heading in the right direction, but you and I both know, that if we listen to the response they give: "don't worry babe, I don't need anything", or "just take me for dinner, that'll be nice", you know that they'll be disappointed — the dog house for us lol. 

We obviously don't want to tell her this, but lets be honest, price also needs to be factored into what you buy, you don't want to come across as cheap, but you also want something classy that doesn't break the bank.

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So what should you do?

Apart from the obvious like taking her out for a dinner date, what else can you do? I discovered that  candles are a great idea, women naturally love transforming their environment, both with decor, and fresh smelling fragrances — you can't really go wrong. Home decor products like little ornaments to help her style a space work well also. This time I actually called her best friend to ask if she thinks she'll like it too. Flowers are also not a bad idea, the only issue is they die, and don't really last long.

I spent hours searching on the internet for things to buy for my partner, so let me help you!

So what did I buy for my partner?


What I ended up buying for my partner this time round was a candle — with a twist. I bought it on a subscription, so she'll get a candle once a month, that's a great way to keep the romance going throughout the year. I found this cool Australian women's brand called Forever Petal they are a one stop shop for all things feminine, and my partner loved it, I bought her both a candle subscription for $34.95, and two of their frames with preserved flowers pressed in the frame for $130. 


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I got a few of my mates onto this too — actually, that's what inspired me to write this. Anyway this worked for me, I hope this helps you find that one unique gift also. 

I know your next occasion is still going to remain a mystery, but at least I've taken the leg work out of this particular occasion for you.


One final tip, don't leave it too late to make your purchase, I notoriously leave things right to the last minute. Don't procrastinate, and waste time sitting on the fence, get it organised now so that you're not left running around like a chook with no head.

Good luck — don't forget to share with a friend in need, us blokes need to stick together!

Author Matt Rogers

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